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All workshops at DramaTech Theatre and Student Center.

SAT 03/01 10:00AM-12:00PM

LOCATION: DramaTech Theatre
Through using his combined backgrounds in improvisation and the Meisner acting technique, Ian will show you how to get to the emotional core of the relationship between you and your scene partner right away. Learn how to stop “indicating”, start living truthfully onstage, and effortlessly discover the humor in the scene. Learn to become the decisive, fearless, and vulnerable improviser you’ve always wanted to be.

INSTRUCTOR: Lacie Madison
LOCATION: Student Center 319
Every short-form show has them, yet many improvisers are afraid of them. The spotlight’s on you alone, but you're in the dark! Learn to keep the audience on your side, and rely upon your fellow actors to uncover the joy of discovery while keeping your cool, making confident declarations, and most importantly, creating a real scene. Also learn how to support the on-stage player with direct references, timing, and keep the length of the game fast and fun.

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Kearney
LOCATION: Student Center 321
Worried the audience will suggest a film or book that you’ve never heard of? Tired of constantly doing Western, Romance & Porn during genre based games? Do you want to get your Thundercats longform off the ground? Michael Kearney of the Nashville Improv Company will show you how to build new worlds using existing genres, take on obscure gives, and connect with the audience using shared cultural templates.

SAT 03/01 1:30PM-3:30PM

LOCATION: DramaTech Theatre
This workshop is an introduction to comedy writing. Our goal is to assist participants in discovering what type of comedian they want to become. Each comic has his or her own unique style, and this workshop will allow participants to learn how to develop material to fit their style of comedy. Before writing jokes, there are questions that an aspiring comedian must consider. Are you a storyteller, or do you prefer to do one-liners? Do you plan to work clean or blue? Are you high-energy or deadpan? Once these and other basic questions are answered, we will be able to narrow your focus and help you begin writing for your style of comedy. Now, let's "get to the funny"!

INSTRUCTOR: Douglas Widick
LOCATION: Student Center 319
Stay grounded even when the world is strange. Playing Aliens, talking trees, or animals in a scene shouldn't distract you from the connection between you and your scene partner. Double down on the relationship and game while embracing the weird world and fun specific you have surrounded yourself with.

INSTRUCTOR: Rachel Rosenthal
LOCATION: Student Center 321
Stop thinking so much in your scene and start feeling. Dig Deep offers students the skills and techniques necessary to play from a place of inspiration instead of from "in your head." By digging into the very first moment of the scene, we will extract in-depth characters and genuine reactions from our relationships - helping us to listen to ourselves as well as to our scene partner. Rather than making choices consciously, you will find them naturally. Instead of pushing the game of a scene, we will find it inherently. And it will be hilarious.

LOCATION: Student Center 301
Beyond playing, and having the best time of your life bringing audiences into the mystical land of laughter and delight, what is the future of Improv? One applies Improvisational Thinking outside the theatre. Improvisational Thinking works wherever people are gathered in business, governments, not for profit organizations, teams (sports and otherwise), clubs, schools, churches, TED talks, conventions, meetings, families, and well, just about any place imaginable. Applied Improvisation is the next generation of "The Improv." This workshop will help you to explore the use of the philosophy, techniques, and tools of Improvisation that can create new ways to support your theatre, your troupe, your community, and you, all in fun, and in the spirit of Improvisation as a global event.

SAT 03/01 4:00PM-6:00PM

LOCATION: DramaTech Theatre
Learn how to move from open mic’er to professinal working stand-up comedian. As someone who has moved from performing for free, to making a fulltime living from performing comedy in only 3 years, I’m excited to share information about how to work in today’s, “2014′s” comedy market. We’ll discuss how to get booked, and start working for talent agencies. If you’re wondering about how to make comedy a career, let me show you some shortcuts that will take years off of your grind.

INSTRUCTOR: Douglas Widick
LOCATION: Student Center 319
Take this workshop and you’ll learn how to spit with the best of them, beatbox like a champion, and how to weave it all together with the fun and “rules” of improv. At the core, improv and hip-hop go hand in hand. Whether you are going in for 8-bars, dropping a beat into a mic, or initiating an improv scene, the same principles apply.

INSTRUCTOR: Rachel Rosenthal
LOCATION: Student Center 321
Embrace the weird thing your scene partner just gave you! Say yes. It is a gift! So often in scenework, we pass right by some of the best offers in search for something more. We leave gifts unheard and instead, try to manually create the funny - instead of really receiving what our partner has already laid out there. In this workshop, students will learn how to take in the gifts given to them by their scene partner and truly use those endowments to make hilariously grounded choices, making character-work easy and creating a hilarious scene that heightens effortlessly.You will never feel compelled to fight in your scene ever again!

INSTRUCTOR: Matthew Arisheh Falkeberg
LOCATION: Student Center 301
Robert Cohen’s ground-breaking approach to acting, know by the acronym GOTE, has become one of the most widely used in America today. Matthew Falkenberg has been using Cohen’s proven techniques to train improv students since 2010. Learn to use GOTE to create profound characters and compelling scenes that’ll captivate any audience.

Workshop InstructorsBBCF 2014TOP 
IanCovellIAN COVELL Ian Covell has over 18 years of experience performing across the U.S. and Canada. He has worked alongside Dan Fogler, John Lehr, and SNL’s Kevin Nealon. Ian has performed at Atlanta’s most respected improv theatres including Dad’s Garage, Relapse Theatre, and The Village Theatre. In addition to his improv training, he has extensively trained in the Meisner Technique and regularly works in film, commercial, and voice-over acting. His unique blend of improv and acting skills is a rare commodity.

MarkEvansMARK EVANS I have been a touring professional comedian since 1993 and in that time I have worked in 45 states and in every imaginable venue. These include comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events, country clubs and casinos. I have also performed out of the country in several international resorts and numerous cruise ships. I work clean keeping my show at a PG-17 level. I am also most proud of the reputation I have earned as being hilarious and a complete professional both on and off the stage.

MatthewArishehFalkenbergMATTHEW ARISHEH FALKENBERG Matthew Arisheh is the founder and executive producer of Black Box Productions. He started doing improv in 2001 and his background includes serving as Production Manager of Let’s Try This!, Business Director of The Basement Theatre, and Managing Director of Jackpie Theatre Workshop. He has spent several years studying with many of the country’s most renowned improv instructors both locally and at numerous comedy festivals around the country. He currently lives in Austin, TX and performs with The Special Features. He specializes in teaching game-based improv, improvised comedic plays, and applying improv principles towards making happier, healthier, more creative human beings.

MichaelKearneyMICHAEL KEARNEY Michael Kearney, founding Director of Nashville Improv Company has been the creative force behind over 30 different themed longform and shortform shows. He’s taught over 200 students in the past year alone, and on the corporate side he has trained for Dell, W.I.C.A., ADP, Covidien and more. His classes combine his educational experience as a college professor with the playfulness of a former game show host in a fun and energetic learning environment.

RobertLoweROBERT LOWE In Atlanta Robert Lowe is known as the Godfather of Improvisational Comedy because he will always “make you an offer you can’t refuse”. Think about this when you are making decisions regarding workshop selections. He is the author of Improvisation, Inc.: Harnessing Spontaneity to Engage People and Groups, (Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer, 2000). Robert was the founding director of Atlanta’s first Improv Comedy Troupe, "The Lightside City Players", in 1984, and in 1988 became the Artistic Director of the first Improv Comedy Theatre in the Southeastern US, "The Next City Comedy Theatre". Robert also had an influence on the founding of "Let's Try This", Georgia Tech's 25 year old Improv Comedy wonder. For 34 years Improvisation has been the life of his life.

LacieMadisonLACIE MADISON Lacie Madison is the Head Instructor, Corporate Trainer and performer for the Nashville Improv Company. She has spent her life on the stage as a musician, improviser & actor. Directing full-length plays by the age of 17, she teaches skill building improv to Fortune 500 staff, local theater teams, and is the current public & staff trainer for the Nashville Public Library System. Her teaching style melds no nonsense coaching and no fear stagework into a positive and empowering experience.

RachelRosenthalRACHEL ROSENTHAL Rachel Rosenthal comes to the the Black Box Comedy Festival with over 15 years of improv experience. She specializes in free-form and musical improv, and has been showcased at numerous festivals including Chicago, North Carolina Comedy Arts, Boston, Del Close Marathon, San Francisco, Providence, Baltimore, and Women in Comedy Festivals as well as Chicago Sketch Fest. She has studied at UCB, The PIT and ImprovBoston, and has coached and directed improv both in the U.S. and abroad. Rachel recently relocated to New York from Boston where she performed at ImprovBoston since 2002, including many years on the ImprovBoston Mainstage. Rachel currently performs weekly at The People's Improv Theater with house team, Family Haircut. She can also be seen at numerous venues around the city with NYC's premier free-style rapping improv team - North Coast. Previous students have described her teaching style as "engaged" and "enthusiastic" and she is known to provide useful strategies and challenges for breaking troublesome improv habits. This past year, the Huffington Post called her an "improv whirlwind!" Find that article and feedback from past students on her website -

JamieWardJAMIE WARD Jamie Ward is a national touring comedian. He was invited by Rooftop Comedy to perform at the 100th Year Anniversary of Lucille Ball in New York. Jamie won the Improv Atlanta’s Talent Search, that was run by the Improv creator, Budd Friedman. In 2011, Jamie was featured on the cover of Creative Loafing as one of the 8 most interesting artistic minds in Atlanta. Most recently Jamie was asked to represent Georgia in Comedy Central’s UP NEXT talent search. He can be heard on on XM Satellite Radio.

DouglasWidickDOUGLAS WIDICK Douglas Widick is a member of Hip Hop Improv group North Coast. You can catch him performing around NYC with many other musical improv, improv, and sketch groups as well. He is a member of house musical Improv teams at the Magnet and PIT Theaters, and just finished sketch shows with Pop Roulette (PIT) and the 2017 Tony Awards (UCB). He was recently seen in off-broadway musical F#%king Up Everything, and you can catch his comedy videos on