THU 10/19 7:00PM
Let’s Try This! – GA Tech
The Orphanage – Atlanta
Relapse – Atlanta
THU 10/19 9:30PM
Babies Mit Bearden – Atlanta
Laughing Matters – Atlanta
FRI 10/20 7:00PM
Diversionary Tactics – Atlanta
Rathskellar – Emory
GLOC – Atlanta
FRI 10/20 9:30PM
JaCKPie – Atlanta
The Basement – Atlanta
FRI 10/20 11:00PM
Improv Nashville – Nashville
Dad’s Garage – Atlanta
SAT 10/21 7:00PM
Amerika – Atlanta
The Robert Lowe Experience – Mixed
Charlotte Comedy Theatre – Charlotte
SAT 10/21 9:30PM
Atlanta Throw Down – Atlanta
Dirty South Improv – Carrboro
SAT 10/21 11:00PM
Relapse – Atlanta
UCB Touring Co. – New York


FRI 10/20 1:00PM-4:00PM
WORKSHOP 1: IMPROV AS AN ART FORM (beginner-intermediate)

    The philosophy behind this workshop is basic – Improv is only an art form if getting out of bed is an art form… and it is.


    Je77 has been directing improv workshops for over a decade and have helped many improvisers make the transition from workshop participant to workshop director. This workshop is about the skills you need to direct a good improv workshop. While this workshop is particularly suited for people wanting to make that transition, it should be of interest to seasoned directors as well. As a researcher on learning, Je77 applies proven learning theories to his workshops.


INSTRUCTOR: Dave Buckman
    A master scene skills class that is really 12 one-on-one simultaneous personal skills assessments, where the entire class focuses on what’s holding YOU back. Break through the barriers that are keeping you from realizing your full potential with some honest and frank feedback.

SAT 10/21 10:00AM-12:00PM

INSTRUCTOR: Keli Semelsberger
    This workshop is great for all levels as it breaks down all the rules, the do’s and don’ts of improv to one concept; where the emotional energy of the scene is. Once a player knows how to find it, commit to it and build on it, they will always be in connection with there scene partner, and have strong, reality based scenes that carry themselves. Keli recently taught this workshop at the LA Improv Festival and the New Orleans Festival.


    The beginnings of shows should be more than a chance to create chaos or fulfill some requirement of your format. Those beginning minutes of a show are a chance to check in with your ensemble, to find and agree on the focus and direction of your show, and hopefully, to invite the audience to come on the journey with you rather than confusing them. This workshop uses techniques to unify and strengthen your ensemble’s openings.


    Every performer brings something different to the stage. This workshop is all about finding what it is that makes you who you are and using it. We will focus on women in improv and finding your voice in an art form that is usually a bunch of dudes.


INSTRUCTOR: Chris Conklin
    Improvisation starts with an empty stage. What do we do from there? By establishing a solid foundation and building on it through support and commitment, we can turn that freedom into scenes that are as exciting to play as they are to watch. The workshop will emphasize starting strong, heightening, and game of the scene.


INSTRUCTOR: Bret Runestad
    Bret will explore the ways in which broader themes can enrich and enliven longform improvisation. You will approach thematically-driven improvisation from multiple directions. It will demonstrate ways of identifying the connecting themes that may lie hidden and unrecognized in your longform work. It will also reveal ways in which an awareness of the underlying themes in your longform piece can help you initiate new scenes and creating cohesion within longform performance.

SAT 10/21 1:45AM-3:45PM

    Scenic Archetypes is a plot-driven long-form improv technique that I have been developing since 2003. In a scenic archetype, archetypal characters follow an established plot pattern to accomplish predefined goals. Different scenic archetypes combine to form a play structure. Improvisers are guided by this structure to perform a play. Each scene in the play is an instantiation of its scenic archetype, with a predetermined plot and archetypal characters. Because the archetypes work together, the improvised play has a coherent plot. The play structure forms the skeleton of the play; the improvisers flesh in the details. Thus, improvisers can create a long-form with a coherent and nuanced plot.


INSTRUCTOR: Jim Karwisch
    Even the best improv troupes can struggle with working together as a whole. The Group Mind workshop will help you to see how connecting your minds together for play, though complex, is attainable and neccesary for a solid performance.


    The goal of the workshop will be to start at the furthest limit of the Improv exploration, that can be handled by the assembled travelers, and to go as far into the Improvisational space-mind-time-mind as we can, and still return with survivors. (In spite of the locations of tongue and cheek, this is a serious workshop – Well, as serious as is appropriate for the form.)


INSTRUCTOR: Curtis Smythe
    So you think you know everything there is to know about the magical art of Improvisation. Oh contraire yogi bear, you have not been in the presence of “the adult.” How can “the adult” be explain without giving away too much…. There is going to have much fun with a little short-form, a little long-form (which will detail us performing a improvisational movie) and what the heck, some middle-form too! So if youre not afriad to test your limits, to take your improv skills to the next level, to learn things about yourself that you didnt even realize, then this is the workshop for you. There will be character work, slice of life scenes taken out of your everyday real life, and pacing scenes to fit within the format of a performance and’or show. You will cherish every minute of this workshop because youre boy aint gonna steer you wrong. Peace.


INSTRUCTOR: Wes Schrader
    If you’ve spent time learning both martial arts and “improv arts,” you may have noticed things in common about how they’re taught, how they’re learned, and their perspective on life, the universe, and everything. This workshop is the result of a long search to find a way to blend the best of these two different but similar disciplines. NO martial arts experience needed. We’ll be using simple meditation techniques and improv games to explore this new area. The focus is much more on personal work as performers than doing “show” games. (Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook.)

SAT 10/21 4:00PM-6:00PM

    In this workshop, students will learn how to identify the most interesting, fun and unique quality of their scenes, and then turn that quality into a game rule to follow, explore and eventually break. The Game of the Scene is a criticical concept for any long-form improviser to give their scenes an internal logic and focus.


INSTRUCTOR: Charlie Todd
    In this workshop students will learn cool time-dashing techniques to create a hilarious improv piece. Learn to create strong characters, global games, and awesome specifics that pay off at different points in time.


    Learn the best approach to musical improv with one of the finest musical improvisers in American improv today, Joel Abbot. He will show you different styles and ways to work with the musician, while Laughing Matters Tommy Futch helps you think outside the box when looking for rhymes, rhyme scheme and brainstorming.


INSTRUCTOR: Chris Conklin
    During any given scene there are an infinite number of different scenes taking place simultaneously in the same world. Explore new relationships implied by the current scene and make connections so that you are never at a loss for new inspiration. You will learn how to honor a scene without feeling stuck; You will build an interconnected but independent community of characters to draw from during the show; You will have more fun after you start to improvise Dirty South-style.


INSTRUCTOR: Bret Runestad
    Learn the basic skills involved in the format that has provided the basis for such succesful longform shows as the Armando Diaz Experience and ASSSSCAT 3000. This workshop will work on exploring the various ways in which a group of improvisors can explore the information presented in any personal monologue. Students will work on listening purposefully to a monologue and will be introduced to specific ways in which monologue material can become the source of humorous, fulfilling scenework.



AMERIKA is a playground for the absurd and a nursery for classically trained two person bacchian scenework. They take their audiences on a journey that leans toward an early style of unregimented long-form, i.e. they prefer to discover the form on the fly. w00t.


Five local improviser from various troupes come together for this one-shot performance. Their purpose is to prove that Atlanta improvisers do in fact have the Goods. They are Bryan Ruiz, Katie Gainer, Lucas Ryan, Je77 Rick, and Matthew Falkenberg and together they are about to THROW DOWN!

Atlanta Throw Down

Babies Mit Bearden

Babies Mit Bearden is a 4 man Long-form Improv Troupe out of Atlanta, GA. Working in conjunction with the JaCKPie Theatre Workshop they produce live improvised theatre as well as improvised recordings that are released by Podcast.


Down in The Basement, we are committed (or at least we should be) to bringing you quality entertainment. Our shows are 100% original material (most of the time) that is inspired by our wonderful audiences through suggestions. We use your suggestions to inspire us as we go through a multitude of difficult and fun theatre games to build scenes for you! So, now sit back and enjoy! Remember: if you laugh and have fun tonight… go home and tell your friends. If not then just keep your #@&%$ mouth shut like your momma told you! xoxo, The Basement Players.

The Basement

Charlotte Comedy

The Charlotte Comedy Theater is a grass roots organization made of up of Charlotte’s most notorius improvisers. Founded and directed by an 13 year chicago improv veteran, this group is skilled in all improv forms. They perform both long and short form improv as well as having developed their own versions of both. This group of incredibly committed performers has taken Extreme Improv from a back room improv group to a top level improvisational Comedy Theater. Their hard work, enthusiasm and love for the art form is present in every show they do.


Dad’s Garage is a casual theatre in Atlanta where you can get a drink, sit with your friends, and watch award-winning Comedy Improv and never-before-seen plays. Theatre in America is often thought of as elitist and Dad’s Garage is a perfect example of artists working to change that label. We do the kind of theatre we would want to see. Our improv shows are made up on the spot, our mainstage shows are all innovative and original, and our children’s show is the only one of its kind being done. When we’re on stage, there are few boundaries and hardly any rules. We believe in taking chances. The riskier, the better.

Dad's Garage

Dirty South Improv

We are proud to announce that Dirty South Improv is once again sponsoring BBIF. They will make their presence known by teaching 4 workshops and headlining the Saturday 9:30PM Show. This awesome organization boast an active national network of almost 100 professional improvisers, an even larger network of college improv teams with its outreach program IMPLOSION, and runs the largest comedy festival in the country dedicated to showcasing and educating both college and professional improv talent.


4 long time friends and equal time improvers have banded together to bring you a comedy experience that you’ll have a hard time forgetting, no matter how you try. Dabbling in sketch comedy, slowly perfecting the art of the improvised serial, occaisonally known for orchestrating public pranks, and the self proclaimed masters of so called “Medium Form,” Diversionary Tactics is more than an improv group, and even more than a comedy troupe.

Diversionary Tactics

Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy

Let us show you what’s so fun about being female! That’s right, Atlanta’s only all-female comedy troupe is bringing you their own brand of irreverent improv. Women of wit, jezebels of jokes, harlots of humor – whatever you want to call us, we’re GLOC. Our inspiration was a chance meeting at the Funny Women’s Fest in Chicago. In Atlanta, we were located only miles apart, however it took a trip to Chicago to see how close we really were. We’ll show you that sisterhood is beautiful, sisterhood is powerful, but most of all, it’s funny!


ImprovNashville was concieved in 2005 by three improv comedy actors who transplanted themslves to Nashville years before. In a very short time, IN has grown to establish itself as Mucis City’s most poopular improv comedy company. The Improv Nasville Mainstage troupe features twelve professional players with over 65 years of combined experience in long and short form improv, musical improv, and dramatic and musical theatre, sketch comedy, as well as radio, television, and film.

Improv Nasville


In the fall of 2001, Chris Pierce and Jim Karwisch sat down to dinner at Taqueria Del Sol on the Westside of Atlanta. Over cheese dip and a couple of excellent tacos, a creative partnership was born. We didn’t have a name yet, but we did have a mission: Improvisation as Quality Theatre. Our goal was to move away from the game style of improv and head into longer, scene based work while starting something new for audiences in Atlanta. We began developing a two-man, two hour, long-form show, something no one else in Atlanta had done. Rehearsals began immediately, both actors pulling from our training and experiences in San Francisco and Long-form’s home in Chicago, IL. By the second rehearsal, the ideas and inspirations were flowing and we knew we had a groove going. To us, it seemed we had been performing together for years. So, barely two months from its inception, JaCKPie took the stage playing to packed houses at the Red Chair Theatre.


Laughing Matters is Atlanta’s longest running improvisational comedy troupe. We’ve performed for thousands of groups since 1985 and have been voted Atlanta’s best improv troupe by Atlanta Magazine! Let us get you involved in a great time! Laughing Matters is also the leading provider of interactive corporate entertainment on the East Coast!Troupe members and alumni regularly perform on stage and screen! Laughing Matters has also developed programs that have been used in product launches, national team building exercises, and award presentations. Whether you want to come see one of our public improv shows, book a private murder mystery, or help your organization communicate more effectively, Laughing Matters is your turn key solution!

Laughing Matters

Let's Try This!

Let’s Try This! is the offical theatre improv troupe of DramaTech. The troupe was formed in the summer of 1989, inspired by workshops taught by Robert Lowe, who has remained a constant source of help and inspiration to us. As our name suggests we will try many things, from games to short scenes to long-form to that-in-the-world-was-that? We have many directors with different styles amougst ourselves making our shows quite diverse, however we all share a common belief in being in the moment and making our partners perfect.


Rathskellar is Emory’s one and only improv comedy troup. For thirty years now, Rathskellar has performed for the Emory community and in the Atlanta area. The troupe consists of Emory undergraduate students. Each spring break Rathskellar tours other cities to work with professional and student improv troupes. Rathskellar has worked with Second City & Upright Citizens Brigade among others in past years.



Relapse Theatre was born out of a dream, then grew into classes, and is now a monster that will kill you all!!! As Promised! Relapse Theatre is growing by leaps and bounds. Starting from a solid foundation (aka the bottom), Artistic Director Bob Wood and Ken “El Toro” Bullard teamed up to deflate the imposing “Rules” of comedy. A devolution from the whole world of judgment. Relapse is a harbor of welcome for every artistic expression: art, sketch comedy, improv, scripted works, storytelling, music, two guys sittin around, and Coming Soon: Spanish Improv. Be here or be nowhere.


Atlanta Improv Guru and aurthor of “Improvisation, Inc.: Harnessing Spontaneity to Engage People and Groups” leads a performance that will boggle your mind. No one knows what will happen or even who will be in the show. Not even Robert Lowe himself! But you can be certain that he will expose the spontaneous creative potential of the human mind right before your very eyes.

The Robert Lowe Show

Upright Citzens Brigade Touring Co.

On the Road and In Your Face! The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Co. is the UCB Theatre’s very own touring company and is our most popular road show. The cast of the TourCo is hand picked from the best improv comedians in New York City – proven performers who’ve trained in the toughest town in the nation. Cast credits include Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart, MTV’s Boiling Point, VH1’s Best Week Ever, VH1’s Awesomely Bad series as well as countless sketch and improv shows at the nation’s leading venue for alternative comedy, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Neil Cassey, Joe Wengert, Charlie Todd, Charlie Sanders, and Lennon Parker.


Bill Binder


Bill Binder has been performing improv in Michigan and Arizona for twelve years and teaching for eight. He has toured in several states and performed in Festivals in Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Austin, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. He has also gone through Levels 1-6 at IO West and performed briefly while commuting from Phoenix. He teaches Level I and II courses in Phoenix AZ and directs the Phoenix Improv Festival.

Dave Buckman


Dave Buckman has been directing, coaching, performing, writing and teaching sketch comedy and improvisational theater for the last 13 years. He graduated with a B.A. from The American University with a degree in Cinema and Literature. Dave has trained at The Improv Olympic with Del Close, at The Second City Conservatory with Martin DeMaat and The Annoyance Theater with Mick Napier. For two years, he served as Artistic Director for Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, where he oversaw the production of four successful revues. He also served as a Director and Writer and Teacher for The Second City in Chicago and directed The Second City Cleveland’s “Who’s Yer Baghdadi?” Dave has directed, and worked with over a dozen members of the most recent casts and writing staffs of MADtv and Saturday Night Live. He currently resides in Austin, TX where he teaches a variety of improv classes and performs with his long-form team, The Frank Mills (formerly Tight).

Chris Conklin


Chris Conklin has been improvising since 2000. He performed for four years with Haverford College’s the Throng, which he co-founded. He was also a founding member of Rare Bird Show, one of the premier troupes on Philadelphia improv scene. As a member of these troupes, Christopher performed in the 2003 and 2004 Del Close Marathons and the 2004 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Since the summer of 2004, Christopher has performed with DSI Comedy Theater (Dirty South Improv) where he has graced the stage in numerous ensembles, notably Four String Samurai (2005 Philadelphia Improv Festival) and Take the Box (2005 Del Close Marathon); he is also a regular in the show MISTER DIPLOMAT. Christopher has studied with Armando Diaz, Zach Ward, and has taken workshops with UCB’s Matt Walsh. He currently manages the DSI Training Center and was a featured instructor at the 2006 Dirty South Improv Festival.

Tommy Futch


Tommy Futch is the President of Laughing Matters, an interactive entertainment company. In addition to improvisational comedy, Laughing Matters’ repertoire includes team-building, murder mysteries, game shows, scavenger hunts and school performances. Tommy’s life changed dramatically in 1971 when he was injured in a car collision near Adel, Georgia. Futch was paralyzed from the waist down. Everything he knew about life was altered or no longer applied. For the next 10 years, he dabbled in school, work and self-fulfillment. In 1985, Futch took a comedy course and discovered his passion-improv comedy. He and a dozen partners soon formed Laughing Matters, an improv comedy troupe. As years passed and partners moved on, Futch became President and expanded the company’s mission. Tommy has worked alongside and coached Mitch Rouse, a Laughing Matters member from 1987 to 1991, who helped write the comedy film Without a Paddle, Joe Kelly, who begins his first full season as a writer for Saturday Night Live. And Gary Anthony Williams who is part of the cast of Jeff Foxworthy’s surprise summer hit Blue Collar TV. Laughing Matters owner and executive producer Tommy Futch says he feels like a proud papa: “I can’t make you famous, but you can use me as a steppingstone.” For Kelly, who worked with Laughing Matters from 1993 to 1998, the troupe taught him “clean” humor. “I learned to be funny, as opposed to shocking,” he said. Kelly worked on three episodes at the end of last year’s SNL and got three of his skits in: a tattoo removal commercial parody, a hilarious Harry Potter takeoff where Lindsay Lohan played a suddenly buxom Hermione and a rap scene with Snoop Dogg. On any given day, you can find Tommy selling, performing and producing at corporate events throughout the South.

Amber Nash

WORKSHOP: Group Mind

Jim Karwisch (pronounced Carwish) is a graduate of Valdosta State University with a BFA in Theatre. He toured the US for three years as an actor and director before moving to Chicago to study Long-form Improvisation. In 2001 he moved to Atlanta and, together with Chris Pierce, began JaCKPie Productions and JaCKPie University, which have now become the JaCKPie Theatre Workshop. He works as coach, producer and part-time player for Babies Mit Bearden and continues to teach Creativity Workshops and Intensives to those who are seeking to improve their artistic endeavors. He and his wife Mary just bought a house in Acworth. Jim also enjoys writing, reading, playing guitar, photography, drawing and graphic design.

Robert Lowe


Robert Lowe is the author of Improvisation, Inc.: Harnessing Spontaneity to Engage People and Groups, (Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer, 2000). This book is the pioneering work in the use of Improvisational Theatre techniques for organizational development and business and professional communication. Robert is known as the Grandfather (sometimes the Godfather) of Improvisational Comedy in Atlanta having founded “The Lightside City Players” in 1983, “Comedy Atlanta” in 1985, and “The Next City Comedy Theatre” in 1988. In 1989 Robert had a significant influence in the founding of Georgia Tech’s “Let’s Try This” Improv Comedy movement. For nearly 20 years he has brought Improv technique, fun, and exploration to business and organizations of every size and form. His work is known in more than 20 countries, and it has been noted that either Robert, or his students, and now students of his students, have had an influence on almost every venue of Improv comedy in the Atlanta region. Mr. Lowe’s public Improv Comedy Workshops have provided the inspiration and the formula for programs that have placed hundreds of non-performers on live Improv stages throughout the region.

Amber Nash


Amber Nash has been performing with Laughing Matters for nearly ten years. Amber is also a member of the Ensemble at Dad’s Garage and is head of their education program. Why does she do it? Simply because she likes to see children smile.

Je77 Rick


Jochen “Je77” Rick has been a member of Let’s Try This! since 1993. During his tenure, he has been a prolific innovator, leading the troupe in new directions. He directed two plays, Eggshell #1 and Fowl Play, created using improv techniques. Recently, he developed scenic archetypes, a plot-driven long-form improv technique. He also was one of the driving forces behind 3 Walls, No Blinds, a non-illusory participative theatre, inspired by Chicago’s Neo-Futurists. For his improv work, Je77 draws heavily on theatre theory, particularly Grotowski’s and Brecht’s. As a mentor, Robert Lowe has remained a continuous source of inspiration, teaching him to challenge himself and further the art of improvisation.

Bret Runestad


Bret Runestad has been performing improv comedy for over 8 years. He began in college with Duke University Improv. After graduation he spent almost two years in New York City studying and performing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. While in New York City he was also a member of the longform teams T.J. Monkey’s and the Porter Maison Project. Bret has been involved with the DSI Comedy Theater in a number of capacities as performer, coach and teacher since moving back to North Carolina in the spring of 2004. In addition, he currently serves as a member of the DSI Artistic Committee, helping to guide the artistic vision of the theater. Bret can be seen on stage every Friday night performing as a regular cast member of DSI Comedy Theater’s premier show MISTER DIPLOMAT. He is also a member of Four String Samurai.

Wes Schrader


Wes Schrader. When people ask Wes how long he’s been doing improv, Wes says the same thing everytime: “Uhm… about a day.” Then he goes for half an hour on why he answered that way. (Go ahead and ask him yourself, if you’ve got some time to kill.) When not standing on the improv soapbox, he’s been spotted on a cable improv show; at a jam session in Atlanta’s new Relapse Theatre; directing and performing at Relapse; writing and directing an authentic commedia dell’arte play; starting a new Atlanta improv troupe, TBD; and even writing research papers on improv training and its effects (the toughest part is teaching the lab gerbils how to play 185). All of this sort of gives the lie to that whole “about a day” thing, but it’s a metaphor, folks, and he’s sticking with it.

Keli Semelsberger


Keli Semelsberger hailes from Chicago: IO, Annoyance, CSz and started Charlotte Comedy Theater who just celebrated 5 years of shows. She has performed with Stephanie Wier of MAD TV & Amy Poehler from SNL to name a few. She taught last year at Los Angeles Improv Festival along with Mo Collins and Charna Halpern. Keli has been teaching, performing & directing improv for 13 years. Her theater performs long from and short form improv. She was recently featured in Creative Loafing & Charlotte Magazine in June 2006, and Skirt Magazine in April 2006.

Curtis Smythe


Curtis Smythe hails from the mean streets of Houston, Texas. Being a four year drama nerd in high school provided his first flirtations with improv. Since moving to Atlanta, he has rocked the stages with Koalaty Productions, Georgia Tech’s Let’s Try This, Dad’s Garage, his very own troupe The Social Complex, and now the Basement Theatre. This kid has done movies, plays, commercials, and is always available to perform on the spot. He’s a people pleaser, so come watch him bring a much needed sexiness and charisma to the stage. You can also sign up to be in the CURTIS SMYTHE FAN CLUB BONANZA. It’s only $19.95 but hey, it’s for a good cause. Holla at your boy.

Charlie Tood


Charlie Todd has been performing, directing, and writing comedy at the UCB Theatre since 2001. He has studied improv under UCB founders Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh, among others. He is the founder of Improv Everywhere, a New York prank collective that has been profiled by The New York Times, SPIN Magazine, and Rolling Stone (Hot List). Charlie has given interviews about his pranks to news outlets around the world including The Guardian in London, German Public Radio, and NHK TV in Japan. Charlie has created many shows at the UCBT including PAID PROGRAMMING, FOUND ON CRAIGSLIST, and THE MP3 EXPERIMENT (all of which were Time Out New York critic’s picks). He has been a part of many long running UCBT shows including RETRACED, MANDATORY LAME-ASS STAFF MEETING, THE REAL REAL WORLD, and CAGEMATCH NYC, for which he created the ridiculous wrestling league UCBW. He has made appearances on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN, BEST WEEK EVER and VH1’s 40 GREATEST PRANKS. Charlie is a member of the UCBT House Team Reuben Williams. He has taught and performed at many festivals including the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. He was recently named one of the “10 Funniest People You’ve Never Heard Of” by New York Magazine. His favorite band is The Cure.

Joe Wengert


I don’t write my bios in the third person. I am a member or the Harold team Reuben Williams at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NY. I can also be currently seen performing sketches that I’ve written with the group GameFace. Other shows you may have seen me perform in include the North American Sketch Championships, Your Favorite Thing, Sketch Show and the improv groups Dillinger and Krompf. Last year, I made sarcastic remarks about celebrities that I know little about on VH1’s A2Z. Usually I wear glasses. I should have a cooler end to this bio.

Bob Wood


Bob Wood. After seven years of paying his dues at Whole World Theatre, Bob left in November 2004 to found Relapse Comedy Theatre in Midtown Atlanta. He credits teacher and best friend, David Webster, creator of Whole World, as the inspiration for his style of improv – organic, free-flowing, and centered on what is truly real and in the heart.