The tournament will be hosted on the GA Tech campus at DramaTech Theatre. Like most college campuses, GA Tech can be a bit confusing to new-comers. The entrance to DramaTech Theatre is located on the northeast corner of the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts building. We recommended you park is in either Parking Areas 2 and 3. Parking fees may apply. Please take a look at our this printable map before coming down. It shows the parking lot locations and walking paths from the parking lots to DramaTech.


DramaTech Theatre

Show Seating Capacity: 161
Stage Dimensions: 40’x20′
Show Nights: WED 10/10 – SAT 10/13
Workshop Days: SAT 10/13
Building: The Ferst Center for the Arts – 349 Ferst Dr NW (on GT Campus)
Entrance: Northeast side of the Ferst Center for the Arts
Recommended Parking Lot: Parking Areas 2 and 3 (parking fees may apply)


Please use the interactive map below to help guide you. View a larger map or printable version.